How High Gold 2012

How High Gold 2012

This chart is no longer updated.

Many people believe that the year 2012 has special significance for the PTB. Also, given how similar the curves appear on the Dow/Gold Ratio, today's cycle is probably better compared to the 1921-1933 one than it is to the 70's. Together with the fact that 2012 is an election year, it becomes a likely candidate for the cycle end date.

Since the US was on a gold standard during the 1920's and 30's and we cannot make a direct comparison this chart is the essentially the same as the How High Gold chart except that the current gold line has been "moved" forward as if to peak at an arbitrary date of November 2012. Both of the gold lines are still "zeroed" at the Dow highs, but the "zeros" no longer line up date-wise on the chart.

UPDATE: Now that 2012 is over without bringing about the end of the world, we are back to our end date based on the Dow highs. See the chart How High Gold for more information.

Data for the price of gold comes from the daily London Fix and is available on Kitco's website.

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